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September 28th 1986
Born in Church Village hospital on September 28th, 1986.

My mum said he looked like a grumpy old man.
19th January 1997
Abbie was born.

Craig was besotted with her right from the begining.
September 1998
Craig starts secondary school just as Emma leaves the same school for university.
June 8th 2005
Passed over on June 8th, 2005 at the age of 18.
All our lives changed forever.
28th September 2005
Craigs 19th Birthday. xx

Hope you saw the balloons butty!
13th January 2006
Craig calls Minnie the ferret back to him. We miss you Minnie. xxx
28th September 2006
Craig's 20th Birthday. XxX
Saturday 19th May 2007
Abbie's first holy communion. A lovely service which we are all sure Craig attended too. 
She looked like an angel. XXX
June 8th 2007

2 years since Craig has been gone. We miss all miss him as much as ever. XxX

28th September 2007
Craig's 21 st Birthday.

We all miss you so much butty!
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