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His legacy
What he means to me.  
This section has been empty for so long and it has been bugging me. What is meant by legacy?
Craig wasn't old enough to have children, so I can't write about them. I think it might mean something deeper than that anyway.

He has left a mark or an imprint on all the people he met. Not all of those people might appreciate it, but I do.
He has made me a better person. I'm not so quick to judge, or to give up. I can listen and understand. I am capable of more love now than I ever was before he came along. Strange to think that anything positive could come out of such a tragedy, but it has. Craig always was one to shy away from the conventional.

Most of all I am proud. I am proud to call him brother. I am proud when I look in the mirror and realise that I look a little like him and realise that I will always carry a part of him with me that can never be taken away, even when my memory fails me. I am proud when I read the messages from all those people whos lives he touched and still love him now.

So his legacy is much more than the material. Craig can never really be gone if he is still remembered with such vividness by those who met, knew, and loved him. He has left echoes and footprints in too many lives to be wiped away so easily. He will remain alive until the last person who remembers him has gone too, and then we will all be together again somewhere better.

With love Craig,
Your sister Emma. xxx

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