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2 year anniversary. Moved from front page.  / Emma Jones (Sister)
This week marks two years since we lost Craig on June 8th.
He is still very much in the hearts of all his friends and family and not a day goes by when he in not missed.
It is just as hard to cope with the fact that he is gone from our sight, as it was when it first happened. Time hasn't made it easier to bare.
There have been people who have made things easier for my family and also people who have made things harder and more painful. It is in times of tragedy when you really realise what true love is and who cannot be depended upon.

Craig would usually at this time of year, be extorting money form us in various ways so that he could go to Escape into the Park in Swansea. He loved his music like nothing else. We all know that when the music is loud and the sun is out, that he will be there with his friends enjoying himself.

We all miss you very much Craig and love you like you couldn't believe. XxX

Thoughts from your two girls.  / Kirsty &. Elena (best friends )

I always remember the first day of college,when I walked around the corner and you were standing there with your trade mark smile,and from that moment we became inseparable .You would come down my house and would always end up staying (you became my second family).We would always be the last ones standing (the two nutters). A sight I will never forget was when we had drunk a little too much (even for you) and as you were the life of a party, you got up and sung Michael Jackson (you are not alone) but with your own words.The stories are never ending of our adventures. I think of you every day. There will always be a special place in my heart. Love you always an 4eva Kirsty xx wish u was era so we could party so much more.
Just wanted to say I will never forget you and your wicked smile.The memory I have the most of you is your rock solid hair.You always made me laugh. I just hope that god is a dj as you loved your decks so much. You are the missing part of our puzzle and your name will always be held high. Love you 4 eternity. Elena.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

craig and his ravin crew  / Pontyclun Crew (friends)
we all met craig on a sunday morning.we'd all been to evo the night before and after getting stuck he'd stayed down kirsty' was the first time he had come to pontyclun and when chippy and myself (courtney) had got there at 10 after just gettin 12 cans of bow from bargain booze he was just opening his flagon from me and chippy ar the only bow drinkers in the crew we instantly got on.the strange thing was no matter who  he spoke to it was impossible not to love the boy.he wos allways smiling,craig coming down was a reason to party,and thats exactly what we done.the weekend was no longer just a friday night,saturday and was a mission with craig.we drunk record amounts walking for hours or just sat in my was a time to enjoy yourself and without craig we would never of had half the fun we did.he was always the comedian,the shoulder to cry on,and most of importantly the best mate he could possibly be.we all miss him and all know that he'll have a party goin.thanxs craig,your a legend.we'll never forget you.THE PONTYCLUN RAVIN CREW
To Your Shining Star  / Pam Austin's Mom (someone)

Happy birthday  / Bethan Hamer (Friend)  Read >>
Happy birthday  / Bethan Hamer (Friend)
Happy 29th birthday Craig xxx hope your having a good one up there, I can imagine you singing to shooting star or fly in the wings of love :) so many memories of us pair singing to those with our ear phones on haha! You always made me smile and the memories we shared will stay with me forever, hope you knew and know how much you meant to me, always miss you Craig lots of love Bethan banana head haha xxxxx Close
Almost ten years xx  / Mammy Xxxx (❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)  Read >>
Almost ten years xx  / Mammy Xxxx (❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)
Where have these ten years gone? How did we survive them without you? I don't know the answers! Some days we stumble forward unseeing, uncaring. Others we laugh and remember your laughter, your madness, your loving ways. Mostly we manage to remember and laugh. Today I've wept a lot, listened to your music a lot. Lit a lot of candles and thought about you my lovely boy. I'm trying to remember your with Daddy now and take comfort from this. However, right now my arms are aching so much for you and right now those ten years are washed away with tears and I sit at your bedside stroking your hands again and wishing to turn back the hands of time. If only Craig , if only. I miss you in a hundred thousand ways . So today and tomorrow and Monday forgive my tears, I promise I laugh about you on Tuesday. I love you millions and millions and ten pence, forever Mammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Maybe gone but never forgotten  / Terri Etchell (Friend)  Read >>
Maybe gone but never forgotten  / Terri Etchell (Friend)
Hey... Cant beleive it been 10 years how time flys and you best be having fun :).... So much has gone on my brother in side again lol rhys is growing up a gobby teenage mini etchell haha and you never got to meet kelan but rhys still tells everyone you was his uncle craig you was at house every day you and my brother causing trouble they are true memorys to hold on to .... Well i know my brother misses you :( you was a true friend :) .... Well boy i hope you looking down watching over thoughs who loved you and give my mam and nan big kiss if you see them say hi to your dad to rest in peace hun lots love from us all xxxx Close
A birthday tribute from someone who loved Craig xx  / Mammy Xxxxx (Mother)  Read >>
A birthday tribute from someone who loved Craig xx  / Mammy Xxxxx (Mother)
hiya you dont know me but i knew your craig vey well i dunno if you remember but you text me once to thank me for being a good friend to him and there for him. although many years of passed i still think of him still miss him he was my first love and i hold him very close to my heart he was amazing funny kind and gentle well that was the craig i knew im sure his friends would say he was just a party animal. i really hope this doesnt upset you ijust wanted to tell you he was brilliant. L xx Close
Happy 25th birthday xxxxxxxxxx  / Denise Jones (Mother)  Read >>
Happy 25th birthday xxxxxxxxxx  / Denise Jones (Mother)
Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!!!!!!!! If only you were here to share this special day with us. I think of you everyday not just on special days. I think back tonight to the day you were born and thank God you were mine even if only for a brief time. Only God and you know how much I love you still and so it will be forever. God bless you my son hope the music is "banging" in Heaven for you tonight. Love you millions and millions and ten pence... forever.... Mammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Miss U! x  / Rachel Jones (Niece)  Read >>
Miss U! x  / Rachel Jones (Niece)


Hope that ur ok up there! I know that there is no need 2 say this but make sure Grampy Nanny Abbie & Emma are ok they have has a rough few weeks thanks to some people! It's really hurt them. But i suppose u all ready know this.

I know that i dont write on here much just find it hard im the same with the girls that i lost aswel. Head gets all over the place which aint good right now!

Iwan has got ur middle name :) He is a right little pain mind getting everywhere now need eyes in the back of my head! Just wish u was here 2 meet him!

Take care up there Miss & love u loads!


i love you.  / Abbie Xxxxx (Sister)  Read >>
i love you.  / Abbie Xxxxx (Sister)

I'm writing this because i haven't wrote to you in a while. Sorry. Just to let you know that I love you millions and would do anything to see you again.
Please watch over Leighton because he's going through a really tough time at the moment. Also watch over Aunty Joyce Uncle Kevin Sorrell and Cameron because they're not doing so well either.
I love you loads butt and I can't wait until I'm up there with you Nanny and Uncle Kevin again. So then we'll all be together like we were a few years back.
I'll write soon I promise. Love you loads butt.
Abbie A.K.A Agatha Wigatha :) xxxxxxx

Four year anniversary. (Moved from front page)  / Emma (Sister)  Read >>
Four year anniversary. (Moved from front page)  / Emma (Sister)
Today is four years to the day we lost Craig. Our family miss Craig as much now as we did four years ago. We would like to thank everyone who continues to visit his site and leave such lovely messages, they are very much appreciated.

If you have time, please light a candle for Craig today as I know he reads them and would be pleased.
If Only Our Children Were Easter Eggs  / Carol Cox (NA A angel mom )  Read >>
If Only Our Children Were Easter Eggs  / Carol Cox (NA A angel mom )
If Only Our Children Were Easter Eggs

If only our children were Easter eggs,
Hidden safely in the grass,
We could search for them and pick them up,
And hold them within our clasp.

We'd have a heavenly Easter egg hunt,
All with baskets in our hands,
Searching with a broken heart.
Only WE can understand.

"Oh, look I found your child over here",
"Hey, did anyone find mine?"
They are so beautifully colored,
And they sparkle and they shine..

These aren't your usual Easter eggs,
They each have their own special glow,
That comes from way down deep within,
Only a grieving parent would know.

We gather up our special eggs,
With excitement all around,
For the gift that we've been given,
For the treasure we have found.

We all now stare with wonderment,
At our children that have died.
We want to hold them once again,
And release them from inside.

But we all begin to realize,
We have to crack their beautiful shell,
The one that, makes them sparkle and glow,
The one they have earned so well.

We know we can't destroy their beauty,
And take them from their place,
So we give them an understanding kiss,
As a tear runs down our face.

One by one we take our baskets,
With our beautifully coloured eggs,
And place them gently in the grass,
As we turn and walk away.

We look back in amazement,
As our eggs begin to sing.
We see them flutter and move about.
"Look, our eggs all now have wings."

Then the Golden Egg begins to speak...
"Your children are safe with me."
"You'll be with them when the time is right,"
"Together for all eternity."

We stand their in a circle of love,
As we look up to the sky,
Watching our radiant eggs take flight,
Knowing our children didn't die. Close
Moved from the front page. Craig's 22nd Birthday.  / Emma (Sister)  Read >>
Moved from the front page. Craig's 22nd Birthday.  / Emma (Sister)
Today is Craigs 22nd Birthday. Our family would like to thank everyone who lights candles and leaves messages for Craig, they are very much appreciated.

Time seems to have passed in the blink of an eye and we all miss him so, so much that it is hard to describe. Today isn't a sad day because instead of thinking about what we lost, we shall be thinking about what we gained 22 years ago. A loving son, a wonderful brother, a much loved grandchild, a treasured friend.

If you have time, please light a candle or leave a birthday message for Craig, he will read every single one of them. XxX

Happy 22nd Birthday my son xxxxx  / Denise Jones (Mother)  Read >>
Happy 22nd Birthday my son xxxxx  / Denise Jones (Mother)

Happy Birtday Craig, we all so sad today because we cant hug you on your birthday but we know you are so very, very near to us, if only we could see you.

Life is so difficult without you here with us in the material world but we are so sure now you are just a breath away and you walk with us every day of our lives.

Be happy son, always believe we love you, fly high and keep the music banging (thought you never hear me say that didn't you!!!!

love you millions and millions and ten pence always and for eternity

Mammy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Moved from front page.  / Emma (Sister)  Read >>
Moved from front page.  / Emma (Sister)
Today is Craigs third anniversary.

My family would like to thank all the people who continue to leave lovely messages. It means a great deal to us to know that he is not forgotten and that he touched so many lives as deeply as he did ours.

x x  / Rachel Jones (Niece)  Read >>
x x  / Rachel Jones (Niece)

Our Lives Go On Without You,

But Things Are Not The Same!

It's Hard To Hide The Heartache,

When Someone Speaks Your Name,

We Think About You Always,

And Speak About You Too!

We Will Always Have Our Memories,

But We Wish We Still Had You!!

Missin U Like Crazy

Love U Millions


love u  / ABBIE JONES (sister)  Read >>
love u  / ABBIE JONES (sister)
 haha i love this pic it always reminds me of u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Just for you  / Mammy Xxxxxxxxx (Mother)  Read >>
Just for you  / Mammy Xxxxxxxxx (Mother)
  A star for my star xxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
Merry Christmas Sweetheart!  / Mammy (Mother)  Read >>
Merry Christmas Sweetheart!  / Mammy (Mother)
Merry Christmas my angel boy, Ive finally got a new computer so leaving these messages will be so much easier! We love you more than ever, miss you more with each passing day. This is our third Christmas apart and it just gets harder.
Be happy my sweetheart, I pray your soul soars with the stars... till we met again. I love you millions and millions and ten pence forever Mammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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